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Goldenseal, scientifically known as Hydrastis canadensis, is a perennial herb native to North America. It has been valued for centuries in traditional Native American medicine and is known for its potential medicinal properties. The rhizome and roots of the goldenseal plant are the parts most commonly used for medicinal purposes. They contain several bioactive compounds, including berberine, hydrastine, and canadine, which are believed to contribute to its potential health benefits. Goldenseal has been traditionally used as a natural remedy for various health conditions. It is often recognized for its potential antimicrobial properties and has been used as a topical antiseptic for minor skin infections and wounds. Goldenseal extracts and tinctures have also been used internally for their potential immune-stimulating effects. Moreover, goldenseal has been studied for its potential benefits in supporting digestive health. It is believed to have bitter properties that may help stimulate appetite, improve digestion, and alleviate gastrointestinal discomfort. Goldenseal has also been used in traditional medicine for its potential antimicrobial effects on the digestive system. However, it's important to note that goldenseal has become a concern due to overharvesting and the potential risk to its natural populations. As a result, it is now listed as an endangered species in some regions, and sustainable sourcing is encouraged. It's important to exercise caution and seek guidance from a healthcare professional before using goldenseal. Goldenseal may interact with certain medications and should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Long-term use of goldenseal is not recommended, as it may disrupt the balance of the body's natural microbial flora. Due to its endangered status and potential ecological impact, it is advisable to explore alternative herbs or consult with a healthcare professional for suitable substitutes or other herbal remedies that may provide similar benefits. Overall, while goldenseal has a history of traditional use and has been studied for its potential health benefits, it is important to use it responsibly and with proper guidance.

This herb is not commonly consumed for its nutritional value. It is primarily utilized for its medicinal properties and as an herb in traditional medicine. As a result, comprehensive nutritional information, such as macronutrient content or vitamin and mineral profiles, specific to it is not readily available. It is important to note that this herb is primarily used for its potential health benefits rather than its nutritional content.

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Masculine energy is typically characterized by qualities such as strength, action, and assertiveness.

Ruling Planet

The Sun represents vitality, self-expression, ego, and individuality in astrology. It symbolizes the core essence of a person and their life force.



Healing, money, and success.

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Working Knowledge

It can be used in healing rituals, carried for attracting wealth, or added to spells for success.

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Often consumed as a tea, tincture, or in capsule form

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