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Having Free Time Really Is The Biggest Flex

Updated: Jan 25

In a world defined by productivity, filled with reminders of our seemingly endless "To-Do" lists, an email inbox that's never quite empty, and social media feeds showcasing every individual's seemingly perfect life, one counter-culture idea is emerging - the power of free time. It's an ideal so elusive, so undervalued in our modern culture that it's becoming the biggest flex.

When I wrote previously about our collective need to be paid more and work less, I was making a case for us to start reclaiming our time. In response to the pandemic, many of us were forced to slow down, and in the midst of that slowing down, some of us found an unanticipated gift – the gift of time.

Time: The Ultimate Luxury

We live in an era where being busy is synonymous with being important, where our worth is measured by our productivity. And while our pre-pandemic selves may have worn our busyness as a badge of honor, in the wake of COVID-19, we've been forced to reassess what truly matters. Many of us found that the most precious thing we could have is not money, not status, but time.

Time to spend with our families, time to engage in hobbies we love, time to explore the depths of our thoughts, time to simply be - without the hustle, without the race. There is an extraordinary amount of value and luxury in having free time, more than a Gucci bag or a Tesla car could ever offer.

The Rebellion Against the Grind

Reclaiming our time is not just about demanding better wages or less work; it's a rebellion against the ingrained societal norm that equates success with ceaseless work and productivity. It's a protest against the idea that we should constantly strive for more, even at the expense of our mental health and personal lives.

Our culture has conditioned us to believe that we're not doing enough, that we need to be perpetually working, striving, achieving. But isn't it ironic that the true mark of success in this hyper-productive society is not working tirelessly, but having the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Unlearning Toxic Productivity

Embracing free time as the ultimate flex involves unlearning the narratives of toxic productivity that have been ingrained in us. It involves redefining what success looks like to you, on your own terms. It's about acknowledging that having time for self-care, for relaxation, for recreation, is not just important, but necessary for a fulfilling life.

Remember, rest is not the reward for hard work; it is a requirement for it. Our brains, our bodies, our souls need the space and time to recharge, regenerate, and renew.

The Power of Intentional Living

Reclaiming your time is about creating an intentional life, a life where you make space for things that bring you joy, nurture your spirit, and ignite your passion. It's about realizing that your time is valuable, that you are valuable, and that you deserve more than to be constantly drained by work.

So, instead of aspiring to hustle culture and glorifying busyness, let's start valuing our time and celebrating free time as the ultimate luxury. Because in the end, having free time really is the biggest flex. And it's about time we embraced it.

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