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Exploring the World of Herbalism:

Updated: Jan 25

Top Websites for Herbal Enthusiasts

Herbalism is an ever-evolving field, blending ancient wisdom with modern science. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned herbalist, there's always more to learn. Below is a curated list of the best websites to explore the fascinating world of herbal remedies.

This list is just a starting point for your herbal journey. Each website offers unique perspectives and resources to deepen your understanding and practice of herbalism. Happy exploring!

  1. Chestnut Herbs - An extensive online guide offering resources for foraging teachers, classes, events, clubs, and schools in the U.S., along with surveys of online plant databases and a lengthy book list. Explore at Chestnut Herbs.

  2. American Herbalists Guild - A hub for herbal practitioners, the guild provides resources to find herb schools, mentors, and chapters, alongside a rich collection of webinars and educational materials. Check it out at American Herbalists Guild.

  3. Herbal Academy - Offering a variety of online courses for different levels, from introductory to clinical herbalism, along with short courses on specific topics like natural perfumery and botanical skincare. Discover more at Herbal Academy.

  4. PubMed - For those interested in scientific research on herbs, PubMed is a gold mine. It offers millions of scientific citations and studies across a wide array of journals. Visit PubMed.

  5. Mountain Rose Herbs - Provides a range of free educational offerings including an e-book on herbal preparations and a blog with recipes and seasonal topics. Learn more at Mountain Rose Herbs Blog.

  6. Herb Rally - A great resource for holistic herb gardening with a comprehensive list of herbal monographs, perfect for those training to be an herbalist. Find it at Herb Rally.

  7. Queering Herbalism - A unique website full of information for and about Queer and BIPOC healers, offering a free e-book and valuable insights into cultural competency in herbalism. Visit Queering Herbalism.

  8. Botanical Medicine Conferences - For hands-on learning, volunteering at herbal conferences like 'Medicines from the Earth' can be a great way to gain knowledge without spending on admission. More info at Botanical Medicine.

  9. The Healing Garden - Explore resources for herb gardening and a free online course on herbal medicine, based on the book "The Healing Garden: Cultivating & Handcrafting Herbal Remedies". Check out The Healing Garden.

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